We Put Your Marketing In Motion.

Let’s face it – corporate video can sometimes be a real snoozefest.  But Plat Plat helps you present your marketing message in a powerful way that engages both internal and external audiences.  

With over 25 years of ad agency experience, our key players bring the same combination of strategic chops and creativity to every project we take on- from Hollywood to your corporate boardroom.

Plat Plat deliver dynamic video, animation & motion graphics that cut through the clutter. Whether we work direct with clients or through your agency, we can take a project from concept to completion – or jump in anywhere in between. 

We create visuals that compel action, drive traffic and move sales.  Let us help you generate true ROI with videos that are really something to look at!

Plat Plat has you covered:

  • Sales training
  • Customer pitches
  • Product demos
  • Trade shows
  • Employee education
  • Motivational presentations
  • Social media
  • Commercials
  • Viral programs

Let’s get down to business, call us at 631.925.5622.